The Open Forum brings together civil society organisations from around the world to discuss the issues and challenges to their effectiveness as development actors. Through the Open Forum process, civil society has developed the International Framework for CSO Development Effectiveness – which includes the 8 Istanbul Principles and the critical conditions for Enabling Environment for CSOs - and launched the Implementation and Advocacy Toolkits for its application at national level and by individual CSOs around the globe.

The Open Forum is accessible to all interested CSOs worldwide, including NGOs, church-related organisations, trade unions, social movements and grassroots organisations. The Open Forum convenes annually and is supported by a Global Facilitation Group that is composed of 25 member organisations. The secretariat of the Forum is currently hosted by CONCORD, the European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development.

The Open Forum builds on national, regional and thematic processes on CSO effectiveness as well as on existing initiatives and experiences within civil society. In this section you can find information on:
- The Story of the Open Forum
- What is the Open Forum
- History of the Open Forum
- The Open Forum Bodies and Partners
- Donors and Funding
- The Secretariat of the Open Forum
- The Monitoring and Evaluation process within the Open Forum

For specific questions or comments on the Open Forum, please contact us at info at cso-effectiveness.org.