The Open Forum undertook several key activities and events leading up to the International Framework for CSO Development Effectiveness. Please find an overview here below and click on the links to view detailed reports, communications material and other supporting documenatation.



- 6 global THEMATIC CONSULTATIONS : CSOs and Gender, Trade Unions, International CSOs (ICSOs), CSOs and the Environment, CSOs working in Situations of Conflict, CSOs working with Marginalized Groups

- In September 2010, the Open Forum convened its first 1st GLOBAL ASSEMBLY

- In March 2011, the Open Forum co-organized the CSO STRATEGY MEETING with BetterAid, to develop common messages and a CSO advocacy strategy towards the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness

- In June 2011, the Open Forum convened its 2nd GLOBAL ASSEMBLY

- In November - December 2011, the Open Forum participated in the 4th High Level Forum oin Aid Effectiveness

- The Open Forum co-chairs the Multi-Stakeholder Task Team on CSO Development Effectiveness and the Enabling Environment

- More events with participation of the Open Forum across the world