CSO Activities and Resources

In this section, you can find information on the activities that CSOs around the world are undertaking to implement the International Framework for CSO Development Effectiveness and the Istanbul Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness therein, and to develop the commitments of the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation. You will also find a series of CSO implementation and advocacy resources that you can use or adapt for your own processes.

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Civil society is also an active participant in the official multi-stakeholder processes to implement the Busan Partnership - go to the Global Partnership Governance and Monitoring page and the Post Busan Interim Group for more information.


National CSO ActivitiesReports and documentation from CSO consultations and other events on implementing CSO development effectiveness at country level
Regional CSO ActivitiesReports and documentation from CSO events on implementing development effectiveness at regional level
Global CSO ActivitiesInformation on the new Global Civil Society Partnership merging Open Forum and BetterAid
Thematic CSO ActivitiesReports and documentation on civil society activities in particular sectors including Conflict and Fragility and Trade Unions


ResourceContentHow to use itLanguages
Sample PowerPoint presentationCSO development effectiveness and the Open Forum process in a nutshellUse or adapt for your own consultations on CSO development effectivenessEN - FR - ES
Istanbul Principles implementation checklistList of dimensions to consider before implementing each PrincipleAs a reference to see how you may be already using the Principles in your daily work and to discover new ways to apply the PrinciplesEN
Case study collection Methodology developed by Canadian Council for International Development Cooperation (CCIC)Describes the process CCIC underwent to get best practice case studies on the Istanbul Principles in CanadaAs a reference to collect targeted case studies in your own country or regionEN
Impelmentation ToolkitProvides an assessment and planning process, accompanied by guidance and concrete examples of tools and indicators, that CSOs might use to put the Istanbul Principles into practiceAs a reference guide or handbook during your own planning and implementation processEN - FR - ES
(DRAFT) Practitioner’s Activity GuideTraining methodology to transmit the concepts and collective experience behind the International Framework and the accompanying ToolkitsIn planning training or workshop activities to kickstart the implementation process in your CSO network or organizationEN - FR - ES
Consolidated CSO advocacy talking points and messagesProposed advocacy content that CSOs have collectively consolidated at the end of the Post Busan Interim ProcessAs a reference when engaging in lobbying work with your government around the Global Partnership for Effective Development CooperationEN - FR - ES
Advocacy ToolkitA step by step guide to the process of advocating for a more enabling environment, with tips and advice from fellow CSOs in their own contextsAs a reference guide or handbook when planning and executing your own advocacy to governments and donors for a more enabling environment in your country or regionEN - FR - ES
Communication PackVast collection of images and presentations to illustrate Open Forum process and outcomesDownload and use in your own awareness-raising and communication material!EN - FR - ES


CountryOrganisationActivityDateAssociated documents
BoliviaRed UnitasReport on Post-Busan ActivitiesDecember 2011Report; Letter to CSOs to endorse and implement the International Framework for CSO Development Effectiveness; Subscription Form (in Spanish)
BoliviaRed UnitasNational and Thematic Networks Meeting29 March 2012Agenda; Report on the Changes in Cooperation and Development Policies in Bolivia; Key issues for discussion on the legal framework; Summary Report (in Spanish)
BoliviaRed UnitasInternational Networks Meeting16 April 2012Key issues for discussion on the legal framework; Summary (in Spanish)
BurundiVarious CSOPost-Busan feedback and awareness Workshop25 April 2012Summary Report
CambodiaCooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC)- Regional Workshop: Revisiting CSO Governance and Accountability in South East Asia in the context of Post High Level Forum 4 in Busan13-14 December 2012Full Report; Overview
- Multi-Stakeholder National Consultation on Promoting Governance and Partnership for Development Effectiveness29-30 August 2012Concept Note and Agenda; Presentations; Press Release; Outcomes
CameroonPlateforme nationale des organisations de la société civile camerounaise (PLANOSCAM)National CSO Forum12-14 December 2012Terms of Reference, Agenda
Aid Group Cameroon (various CSO)- Report on Busan participation and follow-up activitiesDecember 2011Report; UPDATED Post-Busan Action Plan
-Second Post-Busan Symposium14 June 2012Report
CanadaCanadian Council for International Development Cooperation (CCIC)Provincial Workshop: From Principles to Practice - Improving Our Development Effectiveness as CSOs4-8 March 2012Report, Agenda, From Paris to Busan timeline EN, From Paris to Busan timeline FR, Key Concepts EN, Key Concepts FR
CyprusNGO Support CentreNational Seminar: Understanding Busan: Improving the impact of Civil Society in Cyprus26-27 January 2012Agenda; Presentation of the Global context; Open Forum Presentation; Istanbul Principles presentation; Mingling Activity; Follow-up questions
ColombiaObservatorio de la Cooperación InternacionalNational Workshop to develop a CSO strategy to international cooperationApril-May 2012Background information; Agenda (Spanish)
GeorgiaCivil Society InstituteLeads the formation of a Georgian Platform on CSO Development Effectiveness and works on an enabling legal environement for civil society: Tax Code and State Law on GrantsOverview
JapanJapan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)Third National Consultation on CSO Development Effectiveness: Putting Efforts to Improve Own Development Effectiveness17 January 2012Agenda
KoreaKorea Human Rights Foundation (KHRF) in cooperation with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)NGO Training on the Istanbul PrinciplesApril 2012Conceptual framework of the Training
LebanonArab NGO Network for Development (ANND)Informative Session on HLF4 and BCSF Forum30 January 2012Report
LuxembourgCercle de Coopération des ONG de Développement- National seminar on implementation of guidelines based on the Istanbul Principles, with focus on Partnerships (Istanbul Principle 6)21, 22 and 23 March 2012 and 16, 17 and 18 April 2012- Website (in French), Report (in French)
- Workshop on Partners Selection Criteria30 May- Website (in French), Report (in French)
New ZealandCouncil for International Development (CID)‘Beyond Busan’ workshops: Christchurch14 May 2012; Wellington, 21 May 2012; Auckland, 11 June 2012Agenda
ZambiaVarious CSOZambia CSO/Government Policy Dialogue MeetingJune 2012Concept Note


RegionOrganisationActivityDate/LocationAssociated documents
Europe - Balkan RegionBalkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN)1st Working Group Meeting on Cross-Sector Regional Partnership for Enabling Legal Environment for CSO development16th March 2012Project Factsheet; More information here
African Francophone CSO communityOrganisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) and Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO)Regional Francophone Workshop on Post Busan Challenges for CSO27-30 March 2012, Cotonou, BeninOverview
Latin AmericaVariousFrom Accra to Busan: Regional input to global documentation projectApril 2012Findings and conclusions - full version, Summary (in Spanish)


Global CSO Meeting Post Busan (21-23 February 2012, Cebu, Philippines)

OUTCOME DOCUMENT: The Cebu Consensus: EN - FR - ES

Other associated documents:

Meeting report, Agenda, Towards Building a CSO Strategy - Presentation, Policy Environment - Presenation, CSO Participation in HLF4 - Presentation, Open Forum Program Overview - Presenation; BetterAid Program Overview - Presentation

CLICK HERE for more information on the New Global CSO Partnership on Development Effectiveness merging BetterAid and Open Forum

More global activities

ActivityDate/LocationAssociated documents
Multi-stakeholder consultation - Lessons in CSO Policy Dialogue: BetterAid, Open Forum and country level experiences Informing the ways forward towards the Global Partnership27 June 2012, Paris, FranceProgram; Concept Note, Invitation template


Conflict and Fragility

OrganizationActivityDate/LocationAssociated Documents
VariousWorkshop: Catalysing Civil Society Collaboration around Peacebuilding and Statebuilding28-30 March 2012, Nairobi, KenyaReport; Invitation (EN - FR); Registration Form (EN - FR); Background documents: The IDPS in Brief (EN - FR); Civil Society Snapshot (EN - FR); More information

CSO working documents on Conflict and Fragility

OrganisationAssociated Documents
Various CSOsJoint statement by civil society organisations: Bringing peace into the post-2015 development framework (also available in French)
International Peace InstituteBusan and Beyond: Implementing the New Deal for Fragile States
SaferWorldThe peacebuilding potential of fragility assessments
InterpeaceWhat the International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding has not talked about
SaferWorldPeacebuilding in international policy: a to-do list after Busan
FriEntPost-Busan: Implementing the New Deal for Fragile States (link in GERMAN)
Various CSOEvaluation of the Building Block on Conflict and Fragility

- More information on the Open Forum Thematic Consultation on CSO working in situations of conflict

- More information on the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States

Trade Unions

OrganisationActivity/ToolAssociated Documents
International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)Trade Unions Development Effectiveness Profile Tool (TUDEP): EN, FR, ESTUDEP Manual: EN, FR, ES
TUDEP in 7 slides

- More information on the Open Forum Thematic Consultation on Trade Unions

- More information on the International Trade Union Confederation