Monitoring and Evaluation

To monitor the Open Forum process and evaluate its success, a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system has been established. This system is based on the objectives and activities of the Open Forum — which are set out in the performance framework — and are interconnected towards achieving the mandate of the Open Forum.

For more information on the Open Forum Monitoring and Evaluation procedures, please refer to the following documents:

- The Open Forum M&E Guidance note in English, French and Spanish
- Annex 1: Model Evaluation form for participants in national consultations in English, French and Spanish
- Annex 2: Evaluation form for National Coordinating Organizations in English, French and Spanish
- Annex 3: Feedback form for Outreach Officers on National Consultations in English, French and Spanish

For more information, please contact info at

Open Forum Evaluation summaries currently available include:
- Evaluation results from National Consultation coordinators
- Evaluation results from the first Global Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey: September 2010
- Evaluation results from the second Global Assembly in Siem Reap, Cambodia: June 2011

Survey on the activities and impact of the Open Forum

- For more information on this survey, please click here
- To see the results of this survey, please click here