Regional and Thematic CSO Positions

Regional Position papers

- Pacific Islands: Development Cooperation Regional Policy Brief
- MENA Region: Aid effectiveness and development paths in the Arab region: Key Demands
- Africa: Road to Busan-Korea - Key messages by African CSOs to the 4th High Level Forum
- Africa: Pan African CSO Pre-Busan Conference Report
- Africa: The Accra Civil Society Consensus on Africa’s Position on Aid and Development Effectiveness
- Africa: Statement towards the HLF4, OSCAF and REPAOC
- Asia Pacific: CSO Statement on Development Cooperation for Sustainable Development
- Europe: CONCORD position paper on CSO enabling environment for the 4th High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, South Korea
- Europe: CONCORD AidWatch reaction to the European Commission’s Communication
Proposal for the EU Common Position for the
HLF4, Busan
; CONCORD AidWatch position paper "European NGOs demand greater ambitions from EU Member States for Busan - Urgent call for EU action"
- Latin America: Draft synthesis of regional consolidating workshop of CSO actitivites towards HLF4; Latin American CSOs at the HLF4

National Position papers

- Australia: National CSO platform Advocacy Letter to the Australian government
- Central African Republic: Declaration des OSC relative a l’Efficacite de l’Aide Publique au Developpement en Republique Centrafricaine conformement au Processus de Mise En Oeuvre de la Declaration de Paris et du Programme d’Action d’Accra (en Français)
- Colombia: Key Messages from Colombian CSOs to the Actors of International Cooperation for Development (in English); Mensajes Claves de las OSC Colombianas a los Actores de la Cooperación Internacional al Desarrollo (in Spanish)
- France: Position paper in the road to Busan (in French)
- Ghana: GAEF Declaration on the road to HLF4
- Ireland: Dochas Letter to Minister O’Sullivan on HLF4
- Ivory Coast: Final Declaration (in French)
- Haiti: Haitian CSO Declaration for the HL4 in Busan (in French)
- Laos: CSO Statement
- Moldova: Declaration of National Participation Council Forum
- Morocco: Morocco Declaration in English and Arab
- Nicaragua: Aportes de Nicaragua para FAN4; Posición de las OSC de Nicaragua (in Spanish)
- Nigeria: Abuja Conclusions for HLF4
- Palestina: Palestinian civil society initiates campaign to reform international aid in run up to Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness
- Peru: Conclusions for the HLF4
- Philippines: Pushing boundaries in Busan towards people-centered development, Key messages to the HLF4, EILE
- Senegal: The Voice of Senegalese civil society on the road to Busan (in French)
- United Kingdom: Shaping the future of aid
- United States: Interaction Policy Briefings: Aid Effectiveness in Fragile States; Country Ownership; Enabling Environment; Transparency, Accountability and Results; Private Sector in development
- Zambia: Zambia CSOs’ Messages to the HLF4

Thematic Statements

- Climate Finance: Final Position
- Private Sector and Development: Final Position
- CDA Collaborative Learning Projects: Local Perceptions of International Engagement in Fragile States and Situations and Perspectives on the Paris Declaration - policy briefs;
- CDA Collaborative Learning Projects: Partnering with the Private Sector-Local Perspectives on Optimizing Development Opportunities
- Conflict and Fragility: Statement by CSO on improving aid effectiveness in
situations of conflict and fragility
; Summary of the Statement
- CSOs and the International Dialogue Peacebuilding and Statebuilding: Policy Brief 1, Policy Brief 2, Policy Brief 3, Policy Brief 4, Policy Brief 5
- ICSOs: Position of International Civil Society Organisations (ICSOs) on

- Gender:
- CSOs on the Road to Busan: Gender Equality and the Development Effectiveness Agenda
- Women’s Key Demands for Busan and Beyond in English, French, Spanish and Russian
- Mensajes claves del Foro de la mesa de género de la Coordinatora Civil, Nicaragua (in Spanish)
- Gender Equality and Aid Effectiveness – Suggestions from Pakistan

Government/Donor Messages

- European Commission: Proposal for an EU common position to the HLF4

- Government of South Korea acknowledges the International Framework, calls on other governments to do the same