Civil society events at HLF4

Civil society representatives participated actively in the events during the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF4), and held a Global Civil Society Forum just ahead of the HLF4.

Global Civil Society Forum: November 26 - 28 2011, Busan, Republic of Korea

The Global Civil Society Forum was co-organized by BetterAid, the Korea Civil Society Forum on International Development Cooperation (KoFID) and the Open Forum. It was open to all CSOs wishing to participate.

Draft agendaProgram of the event including list of self organized workshops
Final ReportOverview of all Global Civil Society Forum presentations and workshops

Civil Society Events at the HLF4: November 29 to December 1 2011, Busan, Republic of Korea

The Fourth High Level Forum was a milestone opportunity for civil society representatives to participate in discussions with other development cooperation actors.

Executive Summary of CSO Participation in the HLF4

Also see civil society representatives’ presentations and speaking notes during this event:

Speaking Notes for the Thematic Session on Ownership and Accountability by Rosa Inés Ospina29 November 2011
Presentation at the Thematic Session on Conflict and Fragility by Paul Okumu29 November 2011
Speaking Points for the Thematic Session on Rights-Based Approach, ITUC29 November 2011
Presentation on Rights-Based Apporach by A. Sayeed29 November 2011
Presentation for the Thematic Session on Results by Richard Ssewakiryanga29 November 2011
Presentation for the Aid Fragmentation Session by Luca de Fraia30 November 2011
Intervention at Thematic Session on Aid Fragmentation by Mayra Moro-Coco30 November 2011
Presentation: Implementing the New Deal for International Engagement in Fragile States Side Event by Graeme Simpson30 November 2011
Presentation on Transparency by Karin Christensen - Publish What you Fund30 November 2011
Talking points on New Consensus on Development Cooperation Session by Mayra Moro-Coco1 December 2011

Open Forum Documentation at the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness

SessionTitleLanguage Versions
Open Forum ePosterInternational Framework for CSO Development EffectivenessEnglish, French, Spanish
Open Forum WorkshopInternational Framework for CSO Development Effectiveness -
A Political Tool and its Practical Application
Open Forum and Multi-Stakeholder Task Team Workshop (at global civil society pre-event)CSO Enabling EnvironmentEnglish
Multi-Stakeholder Task Team Side-Event (at HLF4)CSO Development Effectiveness and an Enabling Environment: Multi-stakeholder approaches to Post-Busan initiativesEnglish
International CSO Advisory Group Side-Event (at HLF4)Setting Examples for AccountabilityEnglish

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- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton – Speech acknowledging Istanbul Principles: Opening Ceremony 30 Nov
- Antonio Tujan (Co-chair of BetterAid) – Speech: Opening Ceremony 30 Nov
- Emele Duituturaga (Co-chair of Ope Forum)– Speech: Closing Ceremony 1 Dec


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