Civil society submission to the 1st meeting of the Global Partnership Steering Committee

Wednesday 5 December 2012,

The 1st meeting of the Steering Committee of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) is taking place today Wednesday 5th and tomorrow Thursday 6th of December 2012 in London, UK.

Civil society is participating actively in the event through our representative on the Steering Committee - the co-chair of BetterAid Mayra Moro Coco.

Mayra’a participation is based on the consolidated position of civil society representatives across regions and sectors, submitted just ahead of the meeting. In this paper, CSOs provide general and overarching remarks and comment on specific discussion points that are being addressed in the meeting.

Here are some brief highlights from the civil society submission and what it is calling for:

- Improved partner government involvement in the process
- Stronger mobilization of efforts at country level (an ask which echoes the current questioning of the GPEDC achievements in its first year)
- Active re-focusing on the Building Block initiatives
- Evaluation of the relationship between decreased ODA and private sector financing
- Thematic focus on inclusive democratic participation, accountability, policy coherence for development, as well as human rights, decent work, gender equality, environmental sustainability and disability

On Discussion Paper 1: A post-Busan, post-2015 nexus: What role for the Global Partnership?

- Need to address the human rights situation - including the harassment of human rights defenders and the women’s human rights defenders among them
- Coordination between the Sustainable Development Goals coming out of Rio+20 and the UN post 2015 development agenda

On Discussion Paper 2: Towards the First Ministerial Level Meeting in 2013: Draft Roadmap

- Creating two-way links between the work of GPEDC and country level activities
- Reflection on creating thematic working groups to support the Ministerial panel

On Discussion Paper 3: The Global Framework of Indicators and Targets for Monitoring Busan Commitments

- Importance of multi-stakeholder work on the indicators

On Discussion Paper 4: Communications and Stakeholder Engagement for an Inclusive Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation

- Consistent online TV streaming of official GPEDC meetings
- Update on the renewed civil society engagement through the new Global CSO Partnership
- Multi-stakeholder nature of the Ministerial panel - for example, by including a CSO seat

Download the full Civil Society Submission to the 1st meeting of the GPEDC Steering Committee meeting