Donor perpective on enabling environment - 12 Lessons from DAC Peer Reviews

Wednesday 21 November 2012,

At the end of October, the Development Cooperation Committee of the Orgnization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD - DAC) launched its new report:

Partnering with Civil Society: 12 Lessons from DAC Peer Reviews


The report presents interesting insights in light of the discussion on enabling envioronment for civil society on the donor side, and reflects the issues raised by the Multi-Stakeholder Task Team in this respect. Although essentially the product of consensus between DAC donors, the development of the report also involved CSO contributions from the global North and South.

On the occasion of the report launch, Brian Tomlinson - the co-chair of the Task Team representing civil society/Open Forum - took on the task to produce a commentary on the findings from the perspective of civil society and the Task Team itself:

Briefing Paper - Good Practice in Donor Engagement with Civil Society: Creating an Enabling Environment for CSOs?

A Commentary on Partnering with Civil Society: Twelve Lessons from DAC Peer Reviews

by Brian Tomlinson

While the commentary provides a critique of certain aspects of the 12 Lessons, it also makes it clear that other areas of the OECD-DAC report echo the outcomes of the Open Forum and the Key Messages of the Task Team towards Busan.

Do you have comments on one or both papers? Write to Brian Tomlison at brian.t.tomlinson at

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