Principles for CSO Effectiveness on the Day of Human Rights - Development by and for the People!

Monday 10 December 2012,

On the 10th of December, Open Forum joins people everywhere in the world to mark the Human Rights Day!

Respect and fulfillment of Human Rights is the most important pre-condition for any thriving democratic society.

And for effective development as understood by CSOs, Human Rights hold a special place. Indeed, a truly sustainable development is one that is undertaken by and for the people that it is meant to support.

And so, for civil society globally, Human Rights are the foundation of effective development:

Principle for CSO Development Effectiveness 1 states:

CSOs are effective as development actors when they …

develop and implement strategies, activities and practices that promote individual and collective human rights, including the right to development, with dignity, decent work, social justice and equity for all people.

Join us to commemorate the World Human Rights Day by spreading the Principles for CSO Effectiveness - now also available in an Image Library!

And to implement the Principles, don’t forget to refer to the Practitioner’s Activity Guide and the Implemenation Toolkit - for ideas on how to introduce and bring Principle 1 (and the other seven) to life in your own organization and context!

Wishing you an inspirational Human Rights Day!