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Some photos from various Open Forum events around the world. Please feel free to browse this page, and email info at if you have any comments, questions or concerns about the photos on this site.

National Consultation in Ireland: January 11 (...)

Photos from the Trade Union Thematic Consultation,

National Consultation in Nicaragua: May 25, (...)

National consultation in the United Kingdom: (...)

Cambodia National Consultation: 20-22 July, (...)

National consultation in Albania: June 30, (...)

National consultation in Macedonia: June (...)

National consultation in Argentina: June 28 (...)

National consultation in Armenia: June 24, (...)

National consultation in the Philippines: (...)

Georgia National Consultation pictures: June (...)

New Zealand National Consultation pictures: (...)

Spain National Consultation pictures: June 28 (...)

Uganda National Consultation: June 21 and 22, (...)

Bangladesh National Consultation, 15-17th of (...)

Photos of Colombia consultation: June 8 and (...)

First Trade Union Thematic Consultation in (...)

Mongolia National consultation: April (...)

Kyrgyzstan Consultation: April 3 to 5, (...)

Photos of first India Consultation: New (...)

Photos of South Korea National Consultation: (...)

Photos of Europe Regional Seminar in Vienna, (...)