Secretariat / Staff / Volunteers

The Open Forum currently funds five part-time Outreach Officers in each of the five regional groupings, and three full-time Secretariat staff.

Regional Outreach Officers

Each Consortium member organisation in each region of the world will have one Outreach Officer (one staff equivalent), working full-time during the national consultation activities, and on a part-time basis afterwards. Outreach Officers will manage and support the consultation process in their respective region, help support regional GFG members in their political dialogue with regional organisations on CSO development effectiveness, facilitate information sharing and joint learning among CSOs, contribute to the internal monitoring and evaluation process and be responsible for communication.

Outreach Officers will be employees of the respective Consortium member, but coordinate their work closely with their Outreach Officer colleagues, and in particular the Open Forum Global Coordinator.

The Open Forum Outreach Officers are:

Solomon GichiraSub-Saharan AfricaAll Africa Conference of Churches (AACC): Nairobi, Kenya
Lyn Angelica PanoAsia and North AfricaAsia Pacific Research Network (APRN): Manila, the Philippines
Carolyn LongNorth America and the PacificInterAction: Washington, DC, United States
Rubén FernándezLatin America and the CaribbeanLatin American Association of Development Organisations (ALOP): Bogota, Colombia
Colin KampschoerEuropeEuropean NGO Confederation for Relief and Development (CONCORD): Brussels, Belgium

Open Forum Global Coordinator

The Global Coordinator oversees and manages the implementation of the Open Forum work plan, coordinates support to the Open Forum GFG and Consortium, raises funds for the process, coordinates the communications for the Open Forum, assists in facilitating political dialogue, coordinates the internal monitoring and evaluation process and reports to donors and stakeholders on the Open Forum.

You can contact Amy Bartlett, Open Forum Global Coordinator, for more information on the Open Forum process and activities.

Finance and Resource Coordinator

The Finance and Resource Coordinator is in charge of fund raising, fund management and financial reporting for the Open Forum. She also ensures the transparent management of funds.

For questions related to the financial or administrative aspects of the Open Forum, please contact Gaele Nicodeme, Open Forum Finance and Ressource Coordinator.

You can also find Finance Frequently Asked Questions in this document

Communications and Advocacy Associate

The Communications and Advocacy Associate undertakes key communications activities and outreach tasks, such as the generation of content and overall maintenance of the website, the social media updates, contact with the press and other stakeholders.

You can contact Olga Kozhaeva, Communications and Advocacy Associate, for more information on the Open Forum media and press activities.


We thank the following interns for their hard work and involvement in the different periods of the Open Forum process:

- Silvio Lazzari (October-November 2012)
- Maja Drca (June-August 2011)
- Rachel McGauran (August-December 2010)
- Julieta Gonzalez Ocampo (May-September 2010)


We appreciate and recognise the professional work of the following volunteers helping with the translation of the website and the Open Forum documents into Spanish and French:

Matthew AustinEdward Alvarez TarfurDiana Huet de GuervilleMohamed Nadioui
Mathilde BaudRafaela Bielecki-WeyenbergPaul O’ConnorMahmoud Shaarawy
Muriel BerneJoanna BorgRoxy ThompsonRadi Nusair
Claire GigaudJesús López GarcíaThalia Rahme
Tiffanie GuffroyGloria Moronta
Murielle LolotMaria Lourdes Norabuena
Geraldine RoulandMagdalena Perez
Julie SonzoniJaime Rodríguez
Sophia WitzigSofia Rodríguez Gallagher
Michel Wong Man WanEsther Van Rossen

Your efforts and contributions are greatly appreciated!