The ’ABC’ of the new Global Civil Society Platform (CPDE)

Thursday 13 December 2012,

Following civil society’s participation to the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, Republic of Korea, and key role in shaping the multi-stakeholder outcome agreement, the two global CSO processes involved in aid effectiveness have mobilized to better respond to the emerging post-Busan development agenda.

Over the past year, Open Forum and BetterAid facilitated CSO consultations worldwide regarding the mandate and structure of a new and unified global platform for civil society development effectiveness work . This consultation process has come to a conclusion this December 2012, when the Global Council of the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) met in Nairobi, Kenya, to finalize the new civil society strategy and working arrangements in the post-Busan reality.

The meeting in Nairobi formalized the new global CSO partnership, working groups and mandate going forward.

The Nairobi Declaration:

EN - FR (coming up) - ES (coming up) - AR (coming up)

Other associated documents:

Meeting Agenda, BetterAid CPDE Bulletin

CPDE Structure

Global Council:

The Global Council represents the ultimate decision-making body of the CSO Platform for Development Effectiveness

- List of provisional Global Council members

Four Co-Chairs of the Global Council were elected:

-  Emele Duituturaga (Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organisations)
-  Mayra Moro-Coco (Association for Women’s Rights in Development),
-  Richard Ssewakiryanga (Uganda NGO Forum),
-  Tony Tujan (IBON).

Coordination Committee:

Represent the various constituencies - regional and sectoral and, in collaboration with the Global Council, oversees the work of the CPDE.

- List of provisional Coordination Committee members

Global Secretariat:

Supports the Global Council and the Coordination Committee in their daily work and as financial agent.

- It was agreed that IBON should be the host agent of the secretariat.

Working Groups:

The priority thematic areas of work will be taken forward by designated working groups.

- Download the working groups terms of reference: EN - ES - FR - AR

Independent Accountability Committee:

The IAC shall ensure evaluation and audit mechanisms as well as other aspects and applications of accountability.

- Download the IAC’s terms of reference: EN - ES - FR - AR

CPDE prioirity Areas

Action in the following areas was prioritized at the moment:

- CSO Development Effectiveness (Download strategy paper)
- Enabling environment for CSOs (Download strategy paper)
- Human rights based approach (Download strategy paper)

Other Priority areas

- The Development Assistance Committee
- The United Nations Development Cooperation Forum (Download strategic guidelines)
- The Post-MDG and Sustainable Development Frameworks (Download strategic guidelines);
- The Building Blocks (Download strategic guidelines)
- The Private Sector (Download strategic guidelines)
- South-South Cooperation;
- Application of the feminist approach and social justice. (Download strategic guidelines)

Also download the general CPDE Country, Sub-regional and Regional Engagement and Advocacy Strategies

Keep an eye on our CPDE page for more updates!