Towards a new Global Partnership for Civil Society - final meeting 8-9 December in Nairobi, Kenya

Tuesday 27 November 2012,

Following civil society’s participation to the 4th High Level Forum in Busan and key role in shaping the outcome agreement, the 2 global CSO processes involved in aid effectiveness mobilized to better respond to the emergent development agenda. Over the past year, Open Forum and BetterAid facilitated CSO consultations worldwide regarding the mandate and structure of new and unified global platform for civil society. This process is coming to a conclusion this December 2012, when the Global Faciliatation Groups of Open Forum and BetterAid will meet in Nairobi, Kenya, to finalize the new civil society stategy and working arrangements in the post-Busan reality.

Global Civil Society Meeting: 8-9 December 2012, Nairobi, Kenya

The process towards a new global partnership for civil society started with the Cebu Consensus, which set the foundation for further consultations through the concept note on the Global CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE). Regional and thematic consultations with civil society took place in the period June - July 2012, and sub-regional consultations are currently in their concluding phase.

The meeting in Nairobi will formalize the new global CSO parntership secretariat, working groups and mandate going forward.

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